Identifying your brand positioning

Brand Proposition

The brand proposition is the rational or emotional benefits valued by the customer segment, gained from what you sell, how you do it or why you exist.
Customer value considerations
• The customer may not realise value until they see it e.g. Sony Walkman.
• If your product’s rational benefits are valuable and different enough you may not need to ladder up to emotional benefits.
• Maybe Mr Sinek is wrong and sometimes people don’t care why you exist, just how you do it or what it is you sell

Brand Positioning

An effective position is a brand proposition which is both valued by the customer segment and differentiated from the competitors.
A brand perception map can be used to identify a differentiating proposition relative to the competitor set.

Brand Idea

A Brand idea is outwardly facing articulation of an effective brand positioning.

A great brand Idea will manifests itself right across the customer journey not just communications.

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