What we can do for you


Brand design + customer experience design

We create gravity brands for corporates, products, services, events and internal communications programmes.

We’ve combined the traditional discipline of brand design with the progressive discipline of customer experience design, resulting in an approach that’s able to identify when, where and how to weave relevancy, trust and distinctiveness into the customer experience.


Understand what drives customers emotionally and rationally across the customer journey.

Category insight | Customer and consumer need states | Competitor research | Market segmentation | SWOT | Persona development | Customer journey mapping


Define a differentiating brand positioning and the compelling brand idea.

Opportunity scoping | Segment needs and values | Competitor analysis | Brand proposition | Brand positioning | Brand idea | Brand messaging


Design a brand identity and customer experience that’s driven by the brand idea.

Brand naming | Visual identity | Tone of voice | Customer experience design | Service design


Create distinctive assets, content and communications to deliver on the brand idea.

Brand guidelines | Packaging | Photography and video | Digital content and print collateral | Websites and apps