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Relevancy, Trust & Distinctiveness

Gravity is created by weaving relevancy, trust and distinctiveness into the brand across the entire customer journey.

Relevancy is table stakes when it comes to branding. It starts with understanding the market segment to define a compelling brand proposition and finishes by designing valuable and timely interactions at each and every brand touchpoint.

Trust has become increasingly important over the past few decades as trust in banks, governments and the media has hit an all-time low. Brands must look for every opportunity to build trust; by doing things right and doing the right thing.

Distinctiveness is about standing out in a world that is awash with brand messages and content. Strategically, it’s about defining a differentiating brand position. However, a unique brand identity and an arresting execution are just as important.


Accept no compromises.

Just because you want to work with a smaller, no-nonsense, independent agency, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. We only have an A-team, so our clients always work day-to-day with senior people with extensive relevant experience.

  • Strategic experience – We’ve worked with global corporates and challenger start-ups, and everyone in between, across most market sectors (B2C and B2B) and many different target audiences.
  • Production – Individually we have decades of experience, enabling us to produce hard-working content, assets and marketing collateral that will support strategies, enhance ATL campaigns and power martech investments.
  • Digital since 1996 – We’ve been at the birth of every digital marketing tactic, from Virals to PPC, from Social Media to Blockchain.
  • O&Co. – We partner with four independent agencies which, together with our freelance network, gives us a 200-strong team across the UK, US and UAE.